About ORD

ORD – Center for Research in Organizations, Rationality and Development

Founded on July 13, 2007, the Center for Research in Organizations, Rationality and Development – ORD is hosted in the School of Management, Federal University of Santa Catarina – UFSC.

The ORD Research Center has an institutional correspondence with CNPq. On May 8, 2007, was registered and officially certified in the Directory of Research Groups in Brazil (monitored by CNPq).

ORD Research Center Coordinator

Professor Maurício Serva

ORD Research Center Mission

Generate, disseminate and exchange knowledge in the sciences of management and organizations, with emphasis on areas of sustainable territorial development, social economy, epistemology and rationality in organizations.

Main Objectives

• Develop and accumulate, in a systematic process, a critical mass of high scientific quality in the fields covered by the Center.

• Transfer the knowledge generated by researches to the teaching activities at the undergraduate, master and doctoral degrees.

• Promote the exchange of scholars, researchers, and students, with other scientific institutions, inside Brazil and overseas, by following an interdisciplinary networking, aimed at enhancing the knowledge of these researchers, the improvement of their institutions & networks, and the advancement of science.

• Disseminate knowledge systematically through scientific publications in books, journals, and presentations in scientific events in Brazil and abroad.

• Participate in formulating and implementing sustainable development projects in territories and organizations in Brazil.


1. Organizations and Sustainable Territorial Development

Objective: Undertake interdisciplinary studies on the relationship between organizational processes and sustainable territorial development, in view of eco-social-economics and covering the collective action undertaken by civil organizations, public and private organizations.

2. Social Economy, Management and Development

Objective: Conduct researches with emphasis on management processes in social economy organizations in the context of collective action, plural economy and eco-socio-economics approaches.

3. Rationality in Organizations

Objective: Conduct researchers on rationality in organizations, emphasizing its relationship with management, with sustainable territorial development and the advancement of management theory and epistemology. These studies aim the conceptual substrate for interconnection of the two previous research areas.

4. Epistemology and Sociology of Management Science

Objective: Conduct studies  on the epistemological basis of theories of management and organizations. Undertake research on sociology of science addressing the field of management, under the views of the institutions and their actors, highlighting the socio-historical conditions of the preparation and dissemination of scientific literature in this area.

Contact us

E-mail: nucleo.ord.ufsc@gmail.com